Les Schmerzler, AIA, QEWI


Registered Architect in New York and Florida

As the Principal of Golden Glow Architectural Studios, Les is responsible for over-seeing all aspects related to Building Code, Zoning Analyses and Feasibility Studies as well as all required Architect of Record Services. Les coordinates with affiliate companies and all client design professionals, contractors, and owners to ensure integrity, code compliance, and zoning conformance during architectural and construction AHJ pre-file phases. Les works with his architects and engineer on staff in the production and approval of all Plan Services: ADA, BPP’s, Curb Cuts, Trees/Parks Dept., DOT Logistics, Fences, Sidewalk Sheds, Con Ed Vaults, TPP’s and OSP’s; FPP, FSP (NYFD) and FESP’s; PA’s, TPA’s TUPS, LPC Staff Level Preparations, Construction, and Leasing Offices; Sales Offices and Model Apartments; Alt 1, 2 and 3’s; CCD-1’s and ZRD-1’s; TCO Phasing Plans, Massing Studies, and Local Law 11 compliance.

Les is a Registered Architect and has worked for his own company and for major developers, bringing over 30 years of design, construction, and project management expertise to the metropolitan residential and commercial market.

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