CCD-1s, ZRD-1s, & FDNY Variances: Regulatory Standards for NYC Construction Projects

CCD-1s, ZRD-1s, & FDNY Variances: Regulatory Standards for NYC Construction Projects

NYCDOB and Government Agency Filing Requirement

What You Need to Know: CCD-1s, ZRD-1s, and FDNY Variances

New York City regulatory agencies facilitate safe and compliant development and construction projects to protect, grow, and support NYC neighborhoods.  Because of this, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) and other government agencies have strict laws and regulations for development and construction professionals to ensure safety and compliance for all project and community stakeholders. At times, certain plans require deviation from the standard practices for proper implementation. For these instances, agencies have protocols and documentation requirements for the approval of construction plans. Namely, CCD-1s, ZRD-1s, and FDNY Variances.

What is a CCD-1 and how are they used?

A Construction Code Determination (CCD-1) is an official document submitted to the DOB for either a (i) variance or (ii) clarification to the Building Code, based on providing an equal or better approach to the specified code standard. CCD-1s are used by developers, architects, and contractors throughout the project cycle to incorporate regulatory compliance into their plans. They can be initiated by the applicant to obtain written predeterminations of foreseeable challenges and to appeal objections from the DOB.

The CCD-1 is submitted to different units of the DOB depending on the section of the Building Code the form relates to. For example, CCD-1’s specifically regarding Chapter 33 of the Building Code, which outlines safeguards required during construction and demolition work, is submitted to the Construction Safety Compliance (CSC) Unit with alternative safety methods. Other applications concerned with the rest of the New York City Building Code require submission to other units, such as DOB borough offices or the HUB.

What is a ZRD-1 and how are they used?

A Zoning Resolution Determination (ZRD-1) is an official form to document Determination Requests for Department review for zoning clarifications. Similar to CCD-1s, ZRD-1s are used to anticipate and account for regulatory standards throughout a project cycle. The DOB is the only agency that can interpret and enforce the Zoning Resolution (the Resolution), which is NYC’s zoning ordinance.

What is an FDNY Variance and how are they used?

FDNY Variances are submitted to the FDNY agency and serve a similar role to CCD-1s in formally addressing concerns and providing alternatives to the New York City Fire Code. An FDNY variance can be submitted as a stand-alone request or, frequently, filed in conjunction with CCD-1’s. The anticipated turnaround on a FDNY Variance: 3-4 weeks, is generally quicker than that of a CCD-1:6-8 weeks, and in certain cases can even serve to speed up a subsequently filed CCD-1 by offering the validation of another agency.

How we can help:

Golden Glow Architectural Studios works in conjunction with our Strategic Allies, Domani Consulting and CR Safety, to help clients use these applications to meet regulatory standards while maintaining a practical approach to their design vision. Our full-service team can readily take on many project needs, working with clients to navigate the Building and Fire Codes, the Zoning Resolution, and the ever-evolving approval process of the regulatory agencies having jurisdiction. Our knowledgeable staff of architects and expediters offer a tested, proactive, and efficient approach to addressing concerns and offering options to meet or exceed regulatory standards. Our team of industry veterans provide valuable project time and cost savings.

As well as preparing and filing the above documents, Golden Glow Architectural Studios offers consultations to review standards with construction professionals without the client having to submit official documents that require DOB filing fees. This service prevents a project from potential future violations and the avoidance of costly delays.

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